User Group 05-06-2011

May 6, 2011
9 am – 12 pm

University of Denver
Sturm Hall, Room 453 
2000 Asbury Street
Denver, CO 80208

Topics for May:

1. Customer Tips & Tricks – In this session users present tips and tricks related to IBM Cognos that they have found useful in their implementation.

a. HCPF Data Section, CO Dept of Health Care Policy and Financing –Topic: The presentation focuses on the method for using static choice prompts to automate reports and also make them more user friendly. The fiscal year and quarter drop down menus and their corresponding filters are an example of the automation. Creating a third party liability group prompt rather than forcing users to enter in a list of codes is an example of static choice prompts making the report more user friendly.

Cognos User Group – HCPF Presentation Prompts

b. Data Team, CPS – Topic: PromptSet Manager. A typical IBM Cognos report developed at CPS is very flexible and has many prompts (sometimes as many as 15-25 different prompts). While this allows great flexibility to our users, they eventually complained that they have to enter their favorite prompt values each time they run a report. They want a way to save all of their prompt values and just re-use them every time they open the report to run it. We worked with an external IBM Cognos partner to develop a tool called PromptSet Manager. With it, users can enter all of their prompts and save them for re-use. They can even save multiple prompt sets per report (e.g.,“Alabama Chemical Sales, YTD” vs. “Fertilizer Sales with Sales Rep Detail”). This has greatly increased user satisfaction. It should be noted that if other companies are interested in this same functionality, they have to contact the company we used to develop the product and purchase it from them.

CPS – PromptSet Manager

2. IBM presentation – Michael Helbraun, SPSS

2011_05_05 Combine Predictive plus Cognos – Cognos User Group

3. Discuss topics for next meeting (IBM Cognos customer presentation(s) and/or consultant presentations), and location and timing of next quarter’s meeting.

Mike Tagtow also presented a few announcements from IBM: User Group info May2011


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