User Group 11-05-2010


Friday November 5th, 2010 from 9:00-12:00 coffee and bagels will be provided.


OppenheimerFunds 6803 S Tucson Way, Englewood CO 80112

Oppenheimer Directions

Topics in sequential order:

1. Customer Tips & Tricks – In this session a variety of users will present tips and tricks related to Cognos that they have found useful in their implementation.

a.  Joe Allyn, OppenheimerFunds – “will demonstrate the use of the prompt macro in both Framework Manager and Report Studio. In Framework Manager, an example will be shown using the prompt macro to allow the user to select between 2 possible joins between tables.  For Report Studio, an example will be shown using the prompt macro in a filter expression in conjunction with a value prompt”.

Use of Prompt Macro

b.  Stephanie Jesperson, Denver Water – “This trick will link your Cognos reports to external  applications and/or tagets via Parameterized URL’s. Parameterized URL’s are commonly used as a way of integrating Cognos 8 into third-party applications or linking a report or a start page to various areas of interest”.

Parameterized URL’s

Using URL’s

c.   Suresh Regmi, Infolink Consulting – “In this tip you’ll learn how to eliminate the need of cutting and pasting or manually loading data into word documents, spreadsheets or presentations by using Cognos Go! Office.  With Go! Office, Cognos content from multiple reports can be embedded in MS Office document, and the document can be refreshed for updated information on-demand. We can highly benefit from Go! Office by saving time, preventing errors and thus focusing on making decisions rather than data entry”. More information on this @:


Go! Office

2.  Dave Taylor, IBM – “New Cognos 10 BI Features – an introduction”

IOD 2010

3.  Discuss topics for next meeting (Cognos customer presentations(s) and/or consultant presentations), location and timing of next quarter’s meeting.


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