User Group 04-30-2010



Friday, April 30th, 2010 from 9:00 – Noon at the Conference Center Building 697 Room 200A at Colorado Community College System (please see attached directions for specifics).  Coffee and bagels will be provided.



Lowry Conference Center Building 697 Room 200A at Colorado Community College System (please see links below for directions for specifics).  Coffee and bagels will be provided.

 Driving Directions



Topics in sequential order:

1.     Metrics / KPIs / Scorecarding – In this session we will present a component of IBM Cognos BI that can help align teams and tactics with strategy, communicate goals consistently and monitor performance against targets.  This is the Cognos 8 BI Scorecarding component and you can read more about it here:  In our prior user group meeting, we learned about Balanced Scorecarding and methodologies for implementation and usage.  As a follow-up presentation, this session will be more of a technical introduction to the software and features.

2.     Security Discussion – In each user group meeting we’ve had to date, we’ve had customers present a topic as one of the group’s goals is to ensure this is knowledge sharing between users.  To that end, the group decided to have a discussion around security.  This is the first attempt at a format where there is no presentation; simply discussion.  We have high hopes that this will be a great knowledge sharing session, but we need your help!  Please think about how BI security in handled within your organization, and come prepared with tips and tricks that you’ve implemented along with questions you would like to pose to the group.

3.     Discuss topics for next meeting (Cognos customer presentations(s) and/or consultant presentations), location and timing of next quarter’s meeting.

Follow up items:

During the security discussion, the topic of knowing in a report format who has what security assigned to them came up.  There is freeware from an excellent software company that offers a variety of products that make Cognos implementations easier to maintain, secure and extend.  The freeware is located at  Please also review their product offerings to see if they could benefit your organization:


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